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What is an EDMS?

Electronic Document Management System

EDMS is the short form of Electronic Document Management System. These are software systems which typically are hosted on an on-premises server or on the cloud. The primary purpose of an EDMS is to provide a central repository for a company’s documents. Users can store documents on the server and search for them easily later on.

Some key features of the best Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS) are:

  • They allow uploading documents via web browser

  • They allow uploading documents via offline client (for Mac and Windows)

  • They allow users to work without internet access

  • They have advanced search features

  • They allow full text search of scanned pdf documents

  • They provide apps for Android and iOS

  • They integrate with 3rd party software using APIs

Contact EisenVault today to get a free demo of our popular EDMS. We can help you understand how to use an EDMS to best benefit your organisation. Our clients include Hospitals, Manufacturing Companies, Schools, Colleges, Law Firms and Government Departments.


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