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document management software for accountants

Cloud-Based Document Management System (DMS) For Accounts And Purchase Teams

Digitise your Accounts and Purchase Document Management Processes and Workflows with EisenVault. Trusted by the accounting and purchase departments of more than 50 companies, EisenVault makes sure that you never waste time searching for documents again.

Our cloud-based document management system for accounting includes SaaS features that are custom-built for Finance teams. It also includes a high-quality document digitization service.

Document Management System For Accountants

Need Of Electronic Document Management Systems For Accountants

A client's accounting documents are the core of its operations for a financial service provider company. The major challenge faced by any financial company is a secure document storage and quick retrieval. Therefore, it becomes critical for them to invest in a good document management system for accountants. Having a paperless office with cloud-based document management for accountants helps in improving work efficiency incredibly.


Electronic document management systems for accountants should be easy to use and provide secure file sharing for accountants. Therefore, the system should have all the simplicity built in with a secure cloud-based document management system. So that you can share account-related documents securely with multiple permissions to different users and user groups.


EisenVault's cloud document management for accountants stands out because users can effortlessly tag each accounting document, which helps in effortless searches, along with a complete secured archive that assists you in decluttering your document storage and enables you to focus on what matters.


Features Of EisenVault Cloud-Based Document Management System (DMS) For Accountants

EisenVault is a cost-effective cloud-based DMS for account firms. It offers the following features:

  •  EisenVault electronic document management system for accounting helps define document types per your requirements. You can easily create document types in EisenVault accounting document management system, such as Bills, Receipts, Invoices, etc. There are no restrictions on making the document types; you can create as many document types as you need to make searching and sorting easier.

  • EisenVault cloud-based DMS for accountants has advanced search options that help narrow down the search results based on metadata and help you find your accounting documents easily.

  • Every organisation follows a set of processes which can be time-consuming sometimes. EisenVault DMS comes with inbuilt workflows that ease the pain of replicating accounting files, receivables, etc., regardless of the complexity involved.

  • EisenVault accounting document management solutions have a feature via which you'll get notified of your pending tasks through emails and reminders.

  •  EisenVault DMS for accountants provides secure file sharing for accountants through multilayer security, which allows you to restrict users from folder to document level to view, edit, delete, share, and print accounting documents.

  •   Electronic document management software for accounting firms lets you automatically save emails from your inbox to your system via the Microsoft Outlook plugin and Google Chrome plugin for Gmail.


Accounts & Purchase Document Management Case Study – Snapdeal


Snapdeal has two separate systems for storing legal contracts and purchasing orders. They wanted an integrated system where purchase orders could be issued after verifying the presence of a valid legal contract with suppliers.


EisenVault got all the legal contracts scanned, categorised, and tagged. Then files were uploaded into supplier's folders on the EisenVault cloud-based document management system. The EisenVault DMS is integrated with Snapdeal's Oracle-based purchase system. By using robust rest APIs. Now, when a purchase officer is about to issue a purchase order, he/she can check for a valid contract within Oracle just by a press button.

EisenVault's custom accounting document management software for accounts professionals includes reports, management dashboards, integrations with third-party ERP software, and scanning solutions.

Integration with ERP Systems

Document Management Solutions

EisenVault has a robust set of Rest APIs. These APIs can be used to integrate the document management system with ERPs that are used by Finance, Accounts, and Purchase teams. We have done successful integrations with Oracle ERP and SAP. It is possible to integrate EisenVault with custom-built ERP applications as well.

Multi Level Approval Workflows

accounting document management
Accountants Document Management Solutions

EisenVault's Cloud and On-Premises Document Management Software has customisable multi level workflows. You can have multiple groups of managers approve invoices, purchase orders, contracts etc., before these documents are published internally or before payment is made. These workflows can be made as complex as required, with multiple decision points.

Edit in Microsoft Office

Accountants Document Management Solutions

EisenVault allows direct editing within Microsoft’s Excel, Word, and Powerpoint software packages. Any changes made within any of these packages to a document can directly create a new version of the document within the DMS.

Maker-Checker Document Approvals

Accountants Document Management Solutions

In EisenVault Document Management System for Accounts teams, it is possible to have maker-checker flows, where a document only becomes visible once it has been approved by a checker. Multiple people can be approvers/checkers for documents uploaded to a particular folder.

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