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Document Management System Software


Simplify your document management process, reduce paper document usage and unlock productivity with EisenVault's EDMS software, designed to simplify business processes.

Our Cloud DMS uses top-tier cloud services providers like Digital Ocean, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services(AWS) and many more to store or manage your documents with minimal cost, high availability and high-security guarantees.

Cloud-Based DMS

Cloud-based DMS

On-premises DMS allows users to store their critical documents and data on the company's internal network and servers, with features similar to cloud DMS and with complete control over the data.

On-Premises DMS

internal document management system

Digitisation is the most crucial process in managing documents and records online, in which each document and data are scanned and given meta-tag entries for records.

Documents Digitisation

Electronic Document Management System South Africa

EisenVault's Record Management System Is Trusted By A Number Of Corporations Worldwide


An effective Document Management System is integral to any organisation. EisenVault is the most trusted Document Management System in South Africa that helps you easily manage and secure your electronic documents. Moreover, EisenVault has a robust mobile App For Storing Documents that will help you keep track of your most important paper-based documents and access them from anywhere. We understand that digital documents have great relevance in records management. Therefore, we continuously develop innovative solutions to improve your workflow processes. Our DMS Software helps you to centralise all your invoices, purchase orders, employee files, contracts, policy documents, marketing artefacts, artworks, CAD drawings, and all kinds of documents from across the organisation. EisenVault’s modern Document Storage Software lets you store, view, search, and index PDFs, PNGs, JPEGs, MP4 Videos, DWG files, Microsoft Office files, and many more formats. In addition, EisenVault's Automated Document Management System capabilities make it easy to categorise documents and automate workflows. EisenVault's Document Management Software is available both on the cloud and on-premises. The cloud DMS solutions are accessible via Web Browsers, Microsoft Outlook Plugin, Offline Sync, and EisenVault's Android and iOS Apps. Our customers all around the globe access files, retrieve documents, and control access all through their mobile apps or EisenVault's web portal.

Types of Electronic Document Management Systems


Our record-keeping systems serve businesses of various sizes with document solutions for a range of business industries' problems, including finance, health care, education, HR, accounts and legal. Improve business processes and productivity with our DMS solutions.

Cloud-Based Document Control System

Our cloud-based document management system allows organisations to store important business documents in a secured cloud server without purchasing any hardware. With cloud DMS, businesses can enhance team collaboration by allowing users to securely access and share data anywhere, anytime.

On-Premises Document Management System (DMS)

Our on-premises document management platform allows organisations to store data on their servers. So it's perfect for businesses wanting to keep their data more secure and in control.

Key Features and Benefits of EisenVault Document Management Software  in South Africa


Our document control software comes with many unique features. The key benefits of an EDMS system include reducing costs, increasing collaboration, ensuring faster access to data, and helping automate business processes.

Reduced Storage Space

Eliminate the use of paper documents with cloud-based DMS or On-Premises DMS. Using this, separate spaces will not be needed to store the documents.

Reduced Storage Space

Enhanced Security

Our file management system helps promote the digital security of business-critical and confidential information, ensuring only authorised users can access, view, edit, share and track data.

Enhanced Security

Increased Productivity

Our DMS software helps companies automate their document operations so that employees can focus on other meaningful tasks. It enables easy file management, increased competitiveness, efficient document recovery, & improved customer relationships.

Increased Productivity

Improved Regulatory Compliance

Our digital document management solution helps businesses achieve paperless compliance and automate document processing. In addition, you can streamline easy-to-access documents with our EDMS.

Improved Regulatory Compliance

Better Collaboration

Our records management system provides remote workers with an option to be able to access documents or data from anywhere, ultimately helping to foster better collaboration with other applications.



Backup & Disaster Recovery

EisenVault's document control system supports automatic data backup, which dramatically reduces the chances of critical documents or confidential information being stolen or lost in disasters.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Cloud Access

EisenVault's cloud-based document management system allows users to upload and download documents from anywhere and anytime. With our eDMS solution, you can store your data more securely and ensure that only authorised persons can access the data.

Cloud Access

Universal Format support

EisenVault's records management software allows storing, viewing, searching, editing, sharing and indexing documents in PDF, JPEG, PNG, MP4 video, DWG files, CAD, Microsoft Office and many other formats.

Universal Format Support

User-Friendly Interface

Our document management system software supports a user-friendly interface. As a result, our users have an incredible experience and feel secure using our data management system.



Ease of Information Access

With the help of our best document management software, businesses can easily make important information available to their employees. In addition, it eases accessibility wherever you are.

Ease of Information Access

Version Control

EisenVault's EDMS solution facilitates version control, i.e. it maintains the complete version history of any document. Furthermore, users can also go back to the earlier version of the document.

Version Control

Two-Factor Authentication

The two-factor authentication feature of EisenVault DMS helps businesses add an extra layer of security to critical and confidential data, giving businesses complete control over that data.

Two-Factor Authentication


Our document management software integrates into many business applications to provide users with a secure and user-friendly environment to store vital documents or automate redundant tasks.


File Locking

EisenVault's online document management system comes with the facility of data locking. You can lock your business's critical & sensitive files to prevent tampering. This is a valuable tool to avoid unauthorised modification of documents.

File Locking

Numerous Ways to Access

EisenVault's document management system software allows users to access their documents or data in various ways, including the Microsoft Outlook Plugin, Android App, Web Browser, Offline Sync and iOS App.

​Numerous Ways to Access

EisenVault EDMS Software Services


EisenVault's digital document management system in South Africa offers the following services to businesses to automate their workflow, increase efficiency and productivity, ensure additional data security and enhance team collaboration.

App For Storing Documents

Android & iOS Apps

EisenVault, the best document management software, supports Android and iOS versions. Automate your organisation's document operations and access data from anywhere and anytime with just one click.

Celebrating Our Accolades and Achievements


EisenVault's awards and badges speak volumes about our credibility. Within a brief span of time, we have created a distinct identity among industries across the globe through quality services.