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Document Digitization, Data Capture, and Document Scanning Services

Go digital and make your office paperless with the help of EisenVault’s document digitization and scanning services. Scanned documents are categorised using our proprietary Machine Learning based tool - EisenLens. Then the scanned and digitized documents are stored in our proprietary digital document storage system - EisenVault. We consistently achieve 99% accuracy on categorisation, data capture, and data entry projects.


Advantages of Documents Digitisation

Business documents and records that have been digitised bring down storage expenses, save time in retrieval, are more accessible, and collaboration is easier. In addition, scanning and imaging documents in the organisation provide a scalable solution since it has much better storage capacity.

  • Easy Accessibility and Increased Productivity: Document digitisation allows an organisation to access data in digital form from anywhere. Multiple individuals can access documents simultaneously, resulting in enhanced productivity.

  • Cost Effective and Environmentally Friendly: Digitisation of documents helps an organisation get rid of physical copies and saves money on office supplies like paper and toner, ultimately saving natural resources.

  • Data Security: Digital document files can be encrypted and secured, and with EisenVault’s document digitisation services, it is possible to define the accessibility level. This strengthens data security and defends you against data leaks.

  • Digital Document Storage and Recovery: Digitised documents are easy to store at multiple locations, providing additional protection against data corruption or data loss. Digital backups help in restoring your documents, even after a catastrophic failure.


Overview of the Digitisation and Data-entry Process

EisenVault digitisation team follows a pre-defined process to ensure that the errors are minimised, and the task is completed within time:

Pre Scanning Consulting

  • EisenVault’s data digitization services team follows a pre-defined process to ensure that errors are minimised, and tasks are completed within time. In addition, we involve all possible stakeholders of the organisation in pre-scanning discussions.

  • Our India-based document digitization team analyses the sizes of the documents as different sizes need different types of scanners. Then, we decide the segregation by which the documents are to be categorised (e.g., monthly, yearly, serial number, or any other field). We then estimate the total volume of documents and data to be captured.

The Document Digitization Process

  • We have scanners capable of scanning different sizes of documents, including: A4, Legal, A3, A1, Maps, Books, and others. We take special care to ensure that we know the exact sizes of papers to be scanned and their condition. Old paper and books are handled with special care by our team.

  • Documents are scanned at your office premises. We never take documents outside. Our team is capable of scanning up to 10,000 A4 pages per day per scanning station. Typical bulk data digitization projects have 4 to 5 such scanning stations set up in parallel.

The Data Entry & Metadata Creation Process

  • We use our proprietary AI-enabled data capture tool, EisenLens, for data entry and categorisation processing. This offering is unique amongst all document digitization services companies in India.

  • Our expert team of data capture professionals captures the key metadata fields that you require captured. Then, the machine learning algorithms automatically assign the document category. The data entered is then verified at two levels: first by a team leader and second by a representative from your company. As a result, we are able to achieve 99% accuracy - this is also something that no other document scanning services company in India can achieve at a reasonable cost.

Storing Data in the Digital Document Storage System

  • After the document digitization and data capture steps are completed, the system automatically stores all the documents and data in EisenVault's Cloud-Based Digital Document Storage System. The documents are stored in the appropriate folder path, with the corresponding metadata fields entered and the correct permissions assigned.

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Your Documents Remain in your Office

We send our team of professionals to your location, with the required scanning equipment. The physical documents never leave your office. This ensures maximum security and protects your privacy.

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Cloud Based AI Tool for Sorting Documents

After scanning, your documents are uploaded into our cloud based data entry tool. This uses machine learning to automatically categorise documents, thus saving 50% on labour costs and improving accuracy by 75%.

Expert Data Entry

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cloud document management software

Our expert data entry team does the data entry using our proprietary cloud based tool. The team has experience in over 100 projects till date, across industries. We bill on a per-character basis or an enterprise price can be agreed for data entry. This is the most crucial part of the process and we take care to review exhaustively to ensure accuracy.

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Quality Control: Two Levels of Review.

Data entered by our team is checked by our managers. A selection of the data is then reviewed and approved by you, the client, before the data is pushed into EisenVault’s Document Management System. This ensures 99% accuracy in data entry. We also check that any books that are opened are re-bound to be the same as before. We ensure that images are merged in the correct order, to create a consistent PDF file. We ensure that all OCR is run consistently and accurately.

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