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Document Management Software For Accountants

Protection from Hackers and External Actors

EisenVault’s electronic Document Management Solution has changed the way we use to work earlier. “We started this firm in 1998 and since then we have acquired numerous corporate and non-corporate clients in the areas of statutory audit, tax audits, stock audits, internal audits, payroll processing, and other related fields. We are required to store records of all our clients and often refer back to a particular document when required. Compliance and regulatory mandates from government requires us to secure records which forms the basis of audit or review.

My team used to spend a lot of time searching a particular file of a company and then a particular required document. They have scanned all the old documents that we had since we started this firm and stored them in electronic form. Everything is so organised now as for each client, we have a separate folder which have sub-folders and so on. We do not even have to worry about browsing through these folders because every single word in these files has become searchable.

I am able to use my team’s time for other productive work and let EisenVault manage our documents and do the searching for us.”

 – Anurag Sharma – Partner, Sharma Anurag & Associates, Chartered Accountants

digital document management software

Avanta Business Centre gets customer satisfaction with EisenVault

Avanta business centre trusted EisenVault Document Management Solutions and here is what their director operations has to say…

“Avanta business centre provides furnished ready-to-move-in offices in Delhi and NCR. We have 5 centres in Delhi & Gurgaon with more than 1000 clients and 350 occupants. We have to do loads of paperwork with clients and tenants which includes rent invoices, electricity bills, food bills etc.

The space that we have is best utilized only if we rent it out as office rather than using it for storing documents or files. Great work EisenVault for recommending us and implementing Digital Document Management System at Avanta. My team is finding it fun to use EisenVault eDMS which has some amazing features like OCR and access control.

Now whenever there is a client request and we have to refer to an old invoice, we don’t have to buy time for searching the papers. The person taking the call just need to do few clicks and ‘Query Solved’.”

Nakul Mathur, Director Operations – India, Avanta Business Centre Pvt. Ltd.

HR Electronic Filing System

XIM Card

EisenVault recently worked with XIM Card, a leading telephony services provider. Here’s what their Manager had to say …

“Document security for our Board of Directors has been a top concern. After evaluating several vendors, we chose EisenVault for the management of our company documents. Documents are kept clean and safe on their campus and EisenVault team worked with us in professional manner. Their location in Delhi means when we need them we can easily get our documents. I highly recommend it as a records and document management service.”

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Globus Spirits

EisenVault assisted Globus Spirits, a publicly listed manufacturer of alcoholic beverages, to modernise their business. Their CFO gave us the following generous testimonial:

“We are grateful to the team at EisenVault for taking away our hassle of managing documents; our documents now are sorted and well secured. Earlier, we were having a tough time locating any document and it use to take not less than 10-15 days in getting a file when required. The time in retrieving a document has considerable reduced and we get the desired file next day. We are happy that our documents are now being managed professionally unlike earlier when the chances of document get lost due to theft and fire was always possible.

A number of old useless files which we were storing have been removed after an analysis by EisenVault. This has considerable reduced cost of storage and documentation for us. We are working with EisenVault to go a step further by making these documents available online.

We are thankful to the team at EisenVault for coming to our help on time. The documents were just piled up, making it difficult to locate files when required.”

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98.4° – Your chemists for life

One of our key clients is 98.4, a leading chain of chemist stores in Delhi and Gurgaon. Here’s some feedback from their Senior Manager

“We have been working closely with EisenVault for more than 8 months. Vipul & Rahul spent a considerable amount of time working closely with senior managers from our Accounts, HR and Marketing departments. They also had a team on the ground at our document warehouses, with close personal oversight by EisenVault’s leadership team. During this time, EisenVault have organised our documents – over 8000 files and 2000 boxes. These documents were spread across 3 locations in Delhi and Gurgaon and were historically stored in an unorganised manner. Now the documents are all stored centrally following a properly indexed and labelled system. About 4000 files were also identified as past their useful life and were securely shredded and recycled.

With EisenVault’s help we have been able to reduce average retrieval times from 1 week to 2 hours. Now we are working with EisenVault’s team to implement an online document management solution. Our aim is to go paperless in all our operations. EisenVault have been a pleasure to work with – the team is highly knowledgeable, responsive and treats our documents with the utmost respect and professionalism.”

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The Doon School

With EisenVault, almost every document of The Doon School has been digitized, from human resource accounts to maps of the school, old records, and maps of the ground. We did explore many service providers, but with EisenVault, there was the ease of operation, customization as per our requirements, backup, and security of the document, which is essential in today's world.

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