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Document Management Solutions for Legal, Policies and Compliance Teams

Digitise your Legal, Policies and Compliance Document Management Processes and Workflows with EisenVault. Trusted by the legal, policies and compliance departments of more than 20 corporates, Hospitals and Real Estate companies, EisenVault makes sure that you never waste time searching for documents again.

Our Legal and Compliance Document Management solution includes SaaS features that are custom built for legal and compliance teams. It also includes a high quality document digitization service.

Document Management System For Accountants

Need Of Electronic Document Management Systems For Legal, Policies and Compliance Teams

Companies are fast going paperless and using Compliance & Legal Document Management Software Systems. The best document management software systems help Legal Teams, Compliance Teams, and Policies Teams to keep track of important documents and make sure that the business remains compliant with various laws and regulations. Compliance & Legal Document Management Systems are critical for effectively managing programs across all stages of a document’s lifecycle. 


Features of EisenVault DMS for Legal, Policies and Compliance Teams

The advantages of using a centralized Document Management System for Legal, Compliance, and Policies teams are:

  • Centralized Contracts & Policies: The DMS becomes a central repository and a single source of truth for all the contracts and policies of the company. This way, the legal and policies teams always have access to the current versions of these documents and avoid lengthy back-and-forth communication.

  • Policy Acknowledgments: The Policies Document Management System can be used to store, update and disseminate policies to employees company-wide. Employees can be mandated to use the same system to read and acknowledge policies. A compliance report can then be run, which informs the compliance team about people who have not read the policies.

  • Compliance Reports: Another feature of software for legal documents is compliance reports. This allows managers to see the status of various document sets. For example, it may be mandatory for all employees to submit 5 kinds of documents to HR. The legal team can run a compliance report to see whether all employees are compliant with this directive.


Policies & Contracts Document Management Case Study – Columbia Asia Hospitals


Columbia Asia needed a system for centrally storing and managing policy documents and legal contracts. They were previously using Sharepoint and were not satisfied with their ability to customise and wanted something easier to use.


EisenVault rolled out a robust cloud based document management solution across 30 hospitals and 12,000 users for Columbia Asia. The central policies team now authors and stores policies in the DMS. End users are able to review policies and record acknowledgement. Legal teams similarly author and store contracts in EisenVault.

EisenVault has powerful features for legal and compliance professionals, including contract expiry reminders, policy dissemination, reports, management dashboards, integrations with third party software and scanning solutions.

5 Levels of Access Control

compliance document services
legal document software

Managers have the ability to add/edit/delete all documents. Rest of the staff can be given different levels of access. The lowest level of access is “Viewer” which allows the user to only view documents on the web (and not download or print).

Compliance Acknowledgement Tracking

compliance document management software
secure legal document management

Keep track of which employees have read and acknowledged policies and compliance related documents. Employee can read document within the DMS and press a button saying “I acknowledge”. This is recorded and manager can run reports.

Expiry Reminders on Contracts, Policies and Other Documents

legal document management solution
legal document management services

EisenVault allows setting expiry dates on documents and contracts. When the expiry date approaches, the system can send automated email reminders to managers and team members. This way contracts can be terminated or renewed on time.

Audit Trails and Versioning

legal document management solutions
legal document management software

Every time a document changes, a new version is created. User has the option of viewing older versions or downloading older versions. Also all actions on a document (read, download, edit etc.) are captured in an Audit Trail along with username and timestamp.

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