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document management solutions

Secure Document Control Software for Organisations

EisenVault Document Control Software is built with a security-first mindset, and we never compromise. The Security and Privacy of your documents and assets are EisenVault's top priority. EisenVault's Cloud Hosted DMS also uses Digital Ocean Spaces, in addition to Amazon Web Services (AWS) S3 Storage, for storing your important document content. This provides Cross-Region Replication for Disaster Recovery and Versioning for point-in-time backup and restore. S3's cloud storage provides high security, privacy & transparency and is the most trusted place to keep your documents. Secure document management is the necessity of the moment as digitisation is important for any organisation to grow.
We have ISO27001 and VAPT Certifications.

EisenVault simplifies document management for more than 100 customers worldwide. These include corporate documents, invoices, contracts, legal agreements, employee documents, intellectual property assets, medical records and other official records. Therefore, the documents must always be secure and accessible in a fault-tolerant manner. Our Document Digitization Service provides security controls to establish the level of clearance required to access specific documents and records. Users that do not have the requisite clearance level will not even be aware that the content exists. To ensure that at EisenVault, we provide the best security to our clients to protect their business documents, we leverage AWS S3 significantly. Amazon's S3 cloud storage is the most trusted cloud storage. It gives us an easy-to-use API for storing high-resolution document images in a fault-tolerant and highly secure manner. EisenVault provides secure document management and complete protection of your data.

Secure document management
Document Control Software
Secure document management

Protection from Hackers and External Actors

EisenVault takes several measures to ensure that hackers and external actors are deterred from accessing your documents and data. Our Cloud DMS compute virtual private servers are hosted on AWS and Digital Ocean - two of the world's leading public cloud providers. This ensures that your data is behind the best protection in the industry in terms of firewalls, compliances, software updates and physical security. Our Document Management solution uses best practices for hardening and securing our servers. You can set up mandatory periodic password changes for your users. The system automatically generates complex and secure user passwords, which even our system administrators cannot see. All content in the transmission is encrypted using 256-bit SSL encryption.
Additionally, you can add a second level of encryption on PDF documents. Our Document Control Software provides an extra control layer through granular document access. Stringent security policies and role-based access control prevent unauthorised users from accessing sensitive documents. A safe and secure DMS is a saviour for you in case of any attacks from hackers or external actors.

We have ISO 27001 certification and are VAPT (Penetration Testing) certified

Secure document management

Fault Tolerance & Disaster Recovery in the Cloud

EisenVault uses cross-region replication of AWS S3 for storing content. Our Document Control Software now provides cloud storage which means you have another place to back up your files if you have a good internet connection. All database items are backed up daily to a different geographical location. EisenVault's open-source code accesses blob storage via the Java API of AWS. S3 storage presents a cost-effective solution for storing large files while still being able to access them quickly when needed. If disaster strikes or a failure occurs at one location, the precious documents will safely be restored from another place in minutes. 

Document Control Software
Safe and secure DMS

Access Management for Employees and Authorised Users

A safe and secure DMS helps you control your employees' access management. EisenVault's Cloud and On-Premises Document Management Solutions both allow you to manage user access in a fine-grained manner.

Some key access control features are:

  • 5 Levels of Access Control: You can control who can add/edit/delete/view/download documents in all repositories and folders. Access can be managed at the document or folder level.

  • Users can be synced with your Active Directory or LDAP servers to provide a seamless sign-on experience and a single point of user management.

  • EisenVault integrates with Office 365 in the cloud to provide single sign-on and user management.

  • Audit Trails on all documents record all actions taken on that document, along with a timestamp and user name. This includes actions like Create, Edit, Read, Delete, Download and Print.

Our Document Digitization Service delivers top-quality security for your data. EisenVault is the best way to ensure that the right users have access to the right documents all the time.

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