EisenVault offers great plugins to enhance your overall user experience. The plugins are add-ons that work with EisenVault DMS to further simplify your work and save time.

All existing users of EisenVault are eligible to integrate these plugins by simply downloading and installing them.

EisenVault Outlook Plugin


Download Outlook Plugin

Emails are primary source of communication in most of the organisations. Valuable data and information gets shared using emails within and outside the organisation. Email applications that are commonly used do not allow document management and hence it becomes difficult for files to be accessed. EisenVault Outlook Plugin is an add-on that integrates Microsoft Outlook and EisenVault Document Management Software. Now you can simply store your desired emails and its attachments to EisenVault DMS just by a simple click.

Download Instructions

  • Download and Unzip the archive file.

  • Right click on .EXE file and ‘Run as administrator’ to install the add-on.

  • Restart your Microsoft Outlook application to see the ‘EisenVault’ icon in Outlook ribbon.

  • Click on the EisenVault icon and enter your EisenVault URL e.g.

  • Enter your username and password.

  • You are ready, now select any email and click ‘Save to DMS’ option to save email and attachments in EisenVault DMS.


Gmail Chrome Plugin

Download Gmail Chrome Plugin

Gmail Chrome Plugin is useful for storing documents directly to your DMS while you are accessing your emails from a gmail account. Ensure you have an email thread open in Gmail while trying to use the plugin.

EisenVault Offline Sync for Windows and MacOS


Download Plugin for Offline Sync (64 Bit Mac)

Download Plugin for Offline Sync (64 Bit Windows)

Third-party sync tools are popular because they are convenient to plugin and use. But is it really safe to trust these tools for your company's valuable data? 


EisenVaultSync is a tool that allows easy sync of documents to your company's DMS server or EisenVault cloud Server. While using the plugin, the user gets the same permissions as granted to his DMS account. It means that an employee will see only those files that he is allowed to view. 


For people who work out of different locations, always have the challenge of possessing the latest version of the documents. Connecting to your company portal may not be theoretically possible every time. EisenVaultSync solves these problems by automatically syncing the files as the system goes online.

These plugins are compatible with Alfresco 5.2

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