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The Worst Passwords We Have Seen

orst Passwords We Have Seen

I admit I am guilty of using super-easy passwords, because I have been lazy. But we know that Hackers can be ruthless. Cases in point are the Ashley Madison Hack of last year and the iOS Hack where many celebrities’ compromising photos were leaked.

Almost always the problem is weak passwords.

This is a list of some commonly used weak passwords that we have come across. Such passwords can be hacked by hackers in a matter of seconds. Please avoid anything like these.

  • 111

  • password

  • abc123

  • user’s date of birth

  • user’s mobile number

  • 123456789

  • user’s pet’s name

  • test

  • starwars

  • qwerty

  • admin

  • passw0rd

  • user’s company’s name

People commonly replace alphabets with similar looking numbers or special characters. For example, the word “microsoft” might be written as “m!cr0s0ft”. This might satisfy most websites’ password strength requirement – but hackers are not stupid. They know we do this. They can break such passwords very easily.

Please do not make the above mistakes in any of your passwords. No matter how strong the security is in a web service that you use, if you use a stupid password you will eventually be hacked.


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