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The Advantages of Single Sign On (SSO)

Advantages of Single Sign On

Reduce Password Reuse and Clutter

One of the most common cyber security challenges that we face today is the incessant reuse of passwords. I am sure all of us have one or two favourite passwords that we use for things like our Gmail, office computer login, and (god forbid) our Netbanking. We do this because the passwords are easy to remember and recall. But think about the consequences – if one of these websites is hacked, the hacker has your password to all your online accounts.

Reduce Admin Fatigue

In a corporate scenario, besides the security issues, having a large number of usernames and passwords poses the challenge of high IT admin load. I manage the IT for our small startup. At least twice a week I get requests from employees to reset passwords for various online services like our HRMS, GSuite for Email, AWS Dashboard etc. Frankly its a pain, and I wish there was just one common login for everything. This is one of the reasons why large companies often have LDAP or Active Directory that allows all their employees to login to various services using the same username and password.

Increase Adoption of New Applications

Another major reason to use Single Sign On is to increase adoption of company mandated applications. We recently rolled out EisenVault at a large chain of hospitals, with more than 10,000 employees. Predictably there was pushback from various quarters. Hence the client mandated that we integrate with their Office 365 Active Directory and provide a single sign on to users. This greatly helped reduce the on boarding friction, since employees (and helpdesks) had one less username and password to worry about.

How EisenVault can help

At EisenVault we are able to integrate our DMS product with your preferred single sign on method. We have done successful production integrations with On-Premises LDAP, Microsoft Azure AD, Office 365, and sign-on via LinkedIn. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and get a free trial of EisenVault (


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