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Securing Physical Documents & Files

Securing Physical Documents & Files

EisenVault stores physical documents & files at our warehouse in Delhi. Our customers need these documents to be kept safely and securely for 7-10 years, depending on the applicable laws. The documents are stored in regular 5-ply cardboard boxes, barcoded and sealed. Several precautions are taken against hazards, even if the probability of their occurrence is low:

  1. Documents have to be protected from any kind of theft. For this purpose security guards and CCTV cameras are kept. Separate night guards are also kept.

  2. Powder based Fire extinguishers are also kept which might be needed in case of a fire emergency. Foam or Water based extinguishers are not used because they would damage the paper files.

  3. To save the boxes from rodents or any kind of insects, pest control is carried out at regular intervals. An yearly Pest Control Contract is maintained. Under this contract Pest Control is carried out in the warehouse every 2 months. Special medicine is used for rodents and termite (“deemak”).

  4. We take special care to ensure no water leakages occur from the ceiling, doors or windows, especially during the rainy season. For this purpose a product called M-Seal is used on all the doors and windows, to ensure all cracks and openings are securely sealed.

  5. Any electrical device which is defective is removed from the warehouse because it could lead to short circuits.

  6. All doors and windows are kept shut at all times. At night all doors are locked and checked as well.

  7. Cleaning is carried out everyday in the warehouse. This prevents any dust or dirt to come in contact with the boxes which could damage the documents.

  8. A senior facilities manager visits the warehouse once per week and monitors for cleanliness and health of the boxes.

EisenVault is your partner in keeping your files safe, clean and secure. Simplify Document Management with EisenVault by emailing our sales team today (sales@


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