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Migrating to EisenVault from other DMS Software

Migrating to EisenVault from other DMS Software

Documents have been an integral part of human civilization, from inscriptions on walls of caves to manuscripts on palm leaves to printed paper to electronic documents. This journey has been long and has evolved at a much faster pace in recent times. A large number of documents are now created, shared, and stored in electronic formats.

Enterprises have been at the forefront of this digital transformation and have been reducing their reliance on paper. Changing business environments, government regulation, encouragement, and a desire to be efficient have assisted this transformation. Organizations have used and are using various software solutions to store, manage and retrieve these documents. Over time these document management solutions have become smarter with workflows, artificial intelligence (AI), and integrations. Organizations using legacy solutions or those unhappy with their current providers have been moving to better and more efficient solutions like EisenVault and its allied AI-based auto-categorization and metadata creation solution EisenLens.

This movement from an existing system to EisenVault is easy and can be achieved in a relatively short time not to disrupt business. The migration can happen in the following ways:

  • Bulk Import – This is possible when customers can export all existing documents into a database like access, excel, SQL, etc. The documents and associated metadata fields can be imported into EisenVault during the implementation process into the desired folder structure of the customer.

  • Automation – In a number of cases customers have no support from existing vendors to export data. The option available to them is to download each document individually from the front end. This could be very tedious, time-consuming, and error-prone. An intelligent alternative could be using a Robotic Processing Automation (RPA) bot, like Aiwozo, that can download documents from the legacy application’s front-end and upload them into EisenVault

  • Migration Agent – EisenVault has a migration agent/tool for people wanting to migrate from Alfresco into EisenVault. The tool will migrate all documents, their versions, metadata fields, audit history, and associated attributes from the customer Alfresco instance to EisenVault. This will save a lot of time, money, and effort for customers planning to migrate to EisenVault

In the unlikely, case of a customer wanting to migrate out of EisenVault. The team is willing to handhold and assist in the process. We firmly believe that documents are the lifeblood of an organization and are always owned by the customer. Document Management and Electronic Content Management, as segments, continue to grow and expand with digital transformation being the mantra for improving operational efficiency. This will continue to bring new customers to EisenVault as first-time adopters or as customers migrating from other document management solutions to EisenVault


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