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Importance of Centralised Electronic Health Records

Centralised Electronic Health Records

The status-quo for health records today has done well but is riddled with problems such as lost records, unavailability of records when you need them, hard-to-find trends for a patient and impossible to find trends in a group, etc. but by far, the biggest problem has been for a physician to have access to all patient records in case of an emergency.

In case of an emergency, the paramedics and ER doctors need to know the blood type of the patient, whether the patient has allergies to medication and the pre-existing conditions that could prove to be fatal.

What if any medical facility, be it a hospital ER, or even a radiology diagnostic center that needs to administer imaging contrast, could retrieve the full health records history of an senior-citizen patient with the help of a fingerprint? In case of ER, patient consent need not be required as the patient may be unconscious and in need of immediate medical attention. But in case of a diagnostic center, patient’s consent via the EHR mobile app will help make allergy information and other medical history available to the medical staff. Consider the same senior-citizen patient arrives at the ER or the diagnostic center without any of her records and is unable to recollect her allergies, current medications or medical history; how does she get safe and effective care?

This is probably the most important aspect of centralised electronic health records. But there are numerous other benefits: Click here to read the rest on the website of our sister company – ArogyaVault.


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