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On-premises hosting of document management software on private cloud or company servers

The on premises document management version of EisenVault's Digital Document Management System offers the same features as the Cloud Based Secure Document Storage except that it uses one of your internal servers to store all the documents.

On-premises document management system offers:

online document management system
document management solution
  • Protection from hackers by company firewalls, with option to upgrade to enterprise grade SSL encryption

  • Compatiblity with all modern web browsers

  • To be mounted as a network share drive on Windows and Mac

  • Accessiblity from within company networks only


Key features of EisenVault Digital DMS

The EisenVault's version of on premises document management System offers a rich set of industry standard benefits.

  • Digital document storage

  • Online editing capabilities

  • Google Docs integration

  • Version control

  • Metadata attribution, e.g.

  •  'Date' of document storage

  • Author'

  • 'Employee ID' for an employee document

  • Document management workflows

  • Indexing and search abilities

  • Collaboration and social features

  • Document audit trails

  • Multi-language OCR - Hindi, Bengali, Tamil,Telugu and Nepalese amongst others

  • OCR of scanned images to searchable PDF documents

  • Support for multiple file types: PDF, Doc, Docx, ODT, Google Docs, TIFF, JPEG, etc

  • Cloud storage on secure servers

  • Highly secure enterprise grade encryption

  • Daily database backups

  • Easy and intuitive to use

  • No limit on file size

  • Easily customisable user interface

  • Accessible using web browser and mobile app

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On-Premises Document Management eDMS Implementation

  • One-time licensing and installation charges + annual maintenance charges

  • The on-premises version of EisenVault's eDMS will be installed on your company's internal network

  • Your company’s IT team will be responsible for managing security, backups and maintenance

Minimum technical requirements of server(s) for on-premises hosting:

  • Windows Server 2008R2 or Ubuntu 14.10 LTS based server

  • 12 GB RAM, 3.8 GHz Quad Core CPU

  • Separate server for daily and weekly backups

  • 4 GB RAM, 3GHz processor minimum

  • Disk space as per requirement