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Cloud and On-Premises Document Storage that is accessible from Everywhere

On-Premises Document Storage

Geopolitics increasingly affects online business and internet access. Many countries have increasingly started imposing restrictions on the internet. This means that some of your favourite online tools and services may not work while you are traveling.

Below is a list of some countries and popular services that are blocked in those countries:

  • China: Gmail, Dropbox, GSuite, Google Maps, Google Drive, Slack, Microsoft One Drive, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. And many more.

  • United Arab Emirates (Dubai, Abu Dhabi): Skype, Whatsapp Calling, Face Time, and most VOIP services.

  • Indonesia: Social Media services like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram were blocked for a few days in 2019, in an attempt to stem hoaxes and fake news. Reddit appears to be banned (or censored, as per some accounts).

  • India: Some file sharing services like,, are banned. Many torrent sites.

  • Russia: As per Wikipedia, the following services are fully or partially banned: Telegram, Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services.

The most common method of getting around these restrictions is using a VPN service. But these are also often unreliable. Many VPN IP addresses get banned and sometimes these services are slow and difficult to use.

So the question is, if you do business in any of these countries, are you able to access your Google Drive documents or Dropbox files while traveling?

EisenVault Cloud is hosted at DigitalOcean data centres in India, Singapore and other countries. Our platform is completely accessible from China, Russia and other countries with internet restrictions.

EisenVault On Premises can be hosted at your own data centre, and can be used from China as well. This is a popular alternative among our customers who frequently travel to China.


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