Stranger Danger – Digital Security & Real World Safety

Digital Security follows the same basic principles as Real World Safety. As kids we have all learned about “Stranger Danger”. Our parents spent a lot of time explaining the following things to us before sending us off to face the world at School:

  • Never Talk to Strangers

  • Never Go anywhere with a Stranger

  • Don’t accept candy from a Stranger

(Read more at: The above concepts translate very easily to the digital world as well. If we remember these basic points, we will be safe from online fraud.

  • Never Talk to Strangers:

  • Do not get onto chat rooms with complete strangers

  • Do not accept Facebook, LinkedIn & other social media requests from strangers (such requests often lead to social engineering attacks)

  • Never Go anywhere with a Stranger

  • Do not click on unknown links in emails (Don’t go to their websites!)

  • NEVER agree to meet an unknown person from the web in person

  • Don’t accept candy from a Stranger

  • Do not open attachments in emails from Strangers

  • RUN FAR AWAY if a stranger offers you money or some kind of reward

These are basic “common sense” items that we follow in the physical world. So why not when we are online? Following these simple common sense items will make sure that you remain safe online.