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Overcome Challenges and Feel Empowered : Growing Leadership of Women

Growing Leadership of Women

The past year has unprecedented in many ways. We have been forced to live, work, travel (when necessary, required, or possible) differently than what we all have been used you. Earlier we at EisenVault were used to interacting with team members across all business functions every day during the daily morning stand up. A practice that helped all to know what is happening across the organisation and helped all to be synched up and informed.

The lines between workspace and personal space has largely blurred. Conversations with colleagues are now mostly restricted to work issues. In this pandemic, when everyone is going through different levels of stress and agitation, we rarely find an opportunity to pause and reflect. We mostly caught in this mechanical routine of work and household chores.

To break this monotony, we at EisenVault decided to get in an external facilitator to moderate a session on, Overcoming challenges, Building our Resilience. The session was well received and one of the feedback received during was to run a Women@EisenVault group and session.

We were privileged have Growing Leadership of Women(GLOW), and facilitator with Aparna Mathur’s experience involved. The Women@EisenVault run by GLOW’s coaching circle offered us a wonderful opportunity for the women of EisenVault to get together, share our challenges and get coached on a framework that would help us explore practical solutions. We spoke about issues that were both personal and professional. Career progression emerged as a common area of concern and deliberation for most of us. The space allowed us to evaluate our challenge and look at what possibilities would emerge in terms of constructive actions. At the end of 90 minutes we felt empowered and energized. We hope to apply the techniques learnt in our everyday life.


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