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How to Monitor Employee Personnel Files Document Compliance

Personnel Files Document Compliance

A common pain point of HR leadership teams is the absence of mandatory documents in employee records. If some mandatory documents are missing, this can result in litigation and enforcement from government agencies like the EPFO, etc. This is a core functionality of HR Files Records Management systems.

Listed below is a sample personnel file structure that must always be kept safely and securely by HR teams. This is by no means an exhaustive list.

  • Job Description. This gives the employer and the employee a clear idea of what is expected from both.

  • Employment Contract & Offer Letter. This is written proof of the employment relationship. It states the rights and responsibilities of the employee and the employer. It also makes explicit the compensation details, including how much PF is to be deducted from the salary, etc.

  • Performance Appraisals. This helps both parties to keep track of the performance of the employee and to manage incentives and promotions.

  • Salary Slips. It is useful to keep a monthly record of how much salary was paid each month, along with what deductions were made and paid out to government agencies.

  • Investment Proofs. If the employees have made investments for tax-saving purposes, HR needs to retain records of those investments.

  • And various other documents like Resumes, Provident Fund Forms, ESIC Forms, etc.

The “Compliance Report module of EisenVault’s Document Management System makes it easy for HR managers to see a report of each employee’s personnel file, highlighting which documents are missing. This report can be scheduled to run daily, weekly, or monthly.

In EisenVault, you can create personnel records based on Employee ID. Each Employee ID is stored as a folder in the Document Management System. Each document that is stored under these employee folders will be categorised as a particular type of document (e.g. “Salary Slip” or “Employment Contract”). Our EisenLens tool uses machine learning to intelligently categorise employee documents.

The Compliance Report module allows you to define which document categories are mandatory. Then the module automatically starts generating a report in Excel, showing which documents are missing for which users. See the below screenshot for an example.

Personnel Files Document Compliance

Reach out to our sales team today to learn more about how EisenVault can empower your HR department.


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