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Digitise your HR Document Management Processes and Workflows with EisenVault. Trusted by the HR departments of more than 40 companies, EisenVault makes sure that you never waste time searching for documents again.

Our HR Document Management solution includes SaaS features that are custom built for HR teams. It also includes a high quality document digitization service.

EisenVault human resource document management software offers the Services (1) HR File Management (2) Recruiting (3) Employee onboarding (4) Records Retention (5) Policies and Procedures (6) Employee separation (7) Employee Lifecycle

employee document management system

Need of HR Document Management Software

Human resources are one of the most data concentrated work in an organization. The risks associated with protecting a high volume of sensitive information are high. So, managers have to deal not only with the costs of managing information but security of that information also.

Customary HR work was so troubled with paperwork, that they can't concentrate on individuals. A human resources document management software helps HR to oversee archives effectively and agreeably, so additional time can be spent on esteem including exercises, for example, employee development and retention of workers records, robotize workforce methodology, assume responsibility for structures, approaches, and more with HR document management software solution.


Features of EisenVault Human Resources DMS

EisenVault is the cost-effective cloud-based document management software Alternative to human resources, Hospitals, schools, etc. It offers the following features:

  • EisenVault manages and tracks HR-related data, record management, assignments, and processes. A streamlined and automated approach to managing worker reports, records, and HR-related processes to improve productivity and guarantee consistency.

  • EisenVault saves time and reduces errors by robotizing the administration of HR documentation and related procedures with simple to utilize layouts, assignments, and work processes with coordinated notifications.

  • EisenVault keenly and consequently controls information, guaranteeing that content is available, made sure about, and handled how it ought to be. Work process, consents, and notice highlights secure information and mechanize dreary procedures like information maintenance and manner schedules.

  • Streamline Human Resource with workforce mechanization: Paper to advanced, Folder and record association, Policies and methods, Forms and layouts, Tracking declarations and restorations, Regulatory consistency, Information security, Accurate detailing.

  • Employee related documentation is regularly dispersed all through the association, in email, in envelopes, and shared system drives. EisenVault brings together representative information and documentation, in this way giving visibility, control, and effective preparation of worker reports and records.

  • Any job you want to hire for, we have the superbly curated set of working responsibilities to go with it.

  • EisenVault has incorporation with Job sheets and online Test features and online Communication apparatuses you have to maintain your business.

  • Manage Time off for your whole process from one place. Get demands, manage approvals, watch patterns, and get gives an account of the worker truancy practices and so on., with EisenVault.

human resources document management system

HR Document Management Case Study – Luminous Power Technologies


Luminous had thousands of employee files in hard copy, stored in physical storage across multiple office locations in India. Client wanted a better solution for storing files online and running compliance reports.


EisenVault had all files scanned, categorised and tagged. Files were uploaded into employee folders in the EisenVault Cloud DMS. A custom report was built which showed compliance - i.e. Which documents are present and missing for which employee ID.

EisenVault has custom solutions for HR professionals, including reports, management dashboards, integrations with third party HRMS software and scanning solutions.

human resources document management solutions
employee relations document management

Full Text Search and Metadata Search

EisenVault makes scanned documents full text searchable, using Optical Character Recognition (available in English, Hindi, Gujarati, Chinese, Arabic, Bahasa Indonesia and Thai). Apply custom metadata fields to documents to enable advanced search and filtering.

document management for human resources
human resources electronic document management

Cloud Based AI Tool for Sorting Documents

After scanning, your documents are uploaded into our cloud based data entry tool. This uses machine learning to automatically categorise documents, thus saving 50% on labour costs and improving accuracy by 75%.

documentation for employee management system

Safely Access from Anywhere via Browsers or Mobile Apps

EisenVault’s Cloud Based Document Management Software can be accessed via any modern web browser or our smartphone apps, over an internet connection. It is completely secure from snooping hackers and your connection is always SSL encrypted.

cloud based dms for human resource
cloud based dms for human resource

Employee Documentation Compliance Reports

EisenVault's Cloud and On-Premises Document Management Software has the option of customised compliance reports. These reports can be used by HR teams to keep track of employee documents and ensure that they are compliant with internal and statutory requirements.

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