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EisenVault Document Management System Launched in Malaysia

Document management system software malaysia

We launched our Document Management System Malaysia office in November 2022. The address of our office is No 16, Jalan, Sanggul 6, Bandar Puteri, Klang 41200, Selangor, Malaysia. For inquiries and information, email us at sales.malaysia(at)

The new Malaysia office will serve as a sales & support office. EisenVault has marquee Document Management Solution customers in Malaysia, including Columbia Asia Hospitals. Our team looks forward to speaking with you and serving you.

​​EisenVault is an electronic document storage system (DMS) in Malaysia that provides a wide range of functions and capabilities to facilitate the dealings of documents in business. Among the capabilities of EisenVault that stands out is its ability to Store, manage and access documents securely and easily. Users can save documents in various formats such as PDF, Word, Excel, and so on. The system also allows users to search and quickly discover a document using a designated keyword or tag.

In addition, EisenVault also has the ability to help users handle access to documents. Users can give permission to individuals or groups to access specific documents, as well as control levels of security of the document. This means that important documents can be saved safely and only accessible to authorized individuals.

The system also has the ability to provide reports and statistics about stored and accessed documents. Users can view statistics about the number of documents stored, who accessed the document, and so on. This helps users to monitor and control activities documents in their business

Overall, EisenVault is an electronic document storage system that is powerful and effective. It offers a wide range of functions and capabilities to facilitate the affairs of documents in business, as well as to secure the security and originality of electronic documents


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