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Control Your Document Instead of Letting it Control You!

Document Instead of Letting it Control You

Running a business is not the easiest of tasks. Apart from finance and people, managing documents can be a huge challenge. Dealing with the first two is an ongoing process whereas for the latter if you put a system in place, it will be on auto-pilot mode. This is specifically where EisenVault’s Cloud-Based Document Management Software comes in.

A Gurgaon based electrical equipment manufacturing company with multiple offices in different parts of India was finding it difficult to access employee documents. While the HR was centralised, they faced operational hurdles during hiring, appraisal, and exit processes. Another major impediment was compliance, be it company policies or government norms. Human resources personnel were drowning in data when EisenVault stepped in to help them find a way out. Our Cloud based Document Management Software (DMS) created individual folders for each employee which contains scanned copies of their personal records.

A few years back when a terminated employee sued the company, HR personnels spent sleepless nights worrying about collecting records of five years that this employee was working with them. While the legal team gave them a long list of documents and only a few days to collate them, the HR team was left scrambling and at a loss. The HR head finally had to fly down to the Tamil Nadu office and go through heaps of files in a windowless storage space for several hours before he could find the documents. This effort was not enough as other documents were lying in the HQ at Gurgaon (Gurugram) office where the appraisals and termination procedure took place.

Right now, an HR personnel sitting in Gurgaon can find out whether the new recruit in Tamil Nadu or Himachal Pradesh has submitted a copy of his PAN card. Apart from the fact that it is an important aspect of compliance, the opening of corporate accounts has become faster- which is again a centralised process.

Hiring is very fast paced in this company with 100 new people being added to the payroll every month. Switching to EisenVault DMS has simplified the process of keeping a track of their documents. Every day, an excel sheet is generated with a list of missing documents of employees. So, now, the HR knows which employees to chase and for which set of documents- and this is a foolproof process.

EisenVault treads across a whole lot of sectors including healthcare. We are working with a hospital chain with footprints across Asia. The healthcare sector is susceptible to huge liabilities and often ends up doling out huge sums of money even though they did the right thing but have no proof of it. This hospital chain incurred substantial losses as they were paying out huge sums of money as compensation because somebody at the end of the chain forgot to get a form signed.

Their lawyers had put in place legally airtight procedures, but it was clearly not working. Firstly, it was not clear which procedures were to be followed by whom. Doctors, nurses, and front desk were required to follow some common procedures and some uncommon ones. They were confused as they were not sure which to follow and when. Secondly, medical procedures gained precedence over their legal counterparts. EisenVault set up a system where every healthcare expert knew which set of formalities to fulfill and under which circumstances so that there is no ambiguity now.

Right now, everybody- starting from an intern to the department head knows their specific procedure. Thanks to EisenVault DMS, the frequency of summons and court visits have dropped. Efficiency, insightfulness, and smart judgment of people and situations differentiate an ordinary business from a great business! Which would you rather be?

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