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Top tips for a paperless office

Top tips for a paperless office

Being super organised is akin to being super productive. This is true for any walk of life – work, home and everything else in between. Imagine an office with filing cabinets touching the ceiling, taking up entire walls of space, blocking the windows and closing in on you as you try to sift through piles of paper, not knowing where to look for the one you need, and maybe even forgetting what you were looking for in the first place. Now, imagine a well organised space with a neat desk, an open window that is busy letting in lots of natural light to flood the room, and a slim, new generation computer. So where are the papers? How is the business being run? These would be the typical questions for someone regarding the second scene. But this scene does not need to be a question mark. It really is the best answer – the paperless answer.

That’s right – having a paperless office is a reality that is here to stay. A reality that is busy powering work stations and innovations; a reality that is making productivity an everyday, living breathing concept; and a reality that is motivating people to get rid of all those sheets upon sheets of paper for some precious breathing space! Call up a document from your virtual storage instead of sifting through piles of paper, store the correct paper in the correct folder, collate and compute facts faster and get going with your entrepreneurial life. Find out how to go paperless!

  • Go online: Create storage on drives that are attached to cloud based storage (Document Management System, DMS). Much like the sky, this seemingly limitless option gives you terabytes upon terabytes of space to store and call up documents within a matter of seconds. You can even craft a folder where colleagues can share and drop related paperwork so that you have it all in one place at the end of the day.

  • Collaborate: Collaborate with your clients and colleagues to make your project more productive and easy going at the same time. Collaboration will make life at the office so much simpler! You will also save cost and time in sharing documents with offices at multiple locations.

  • Call Up those Precious Details: In the middle of a meeting or a presentation where you needed some vital information? Well, forget about running back to your cabin or making that SOS call. Now, all you need to do is log in to your virtual storage, find the file and share a screenshot for your discerning audience. Not only does it save time, but you also end up looking efficient. The virtual storage and documentation system enables you to call up your document at any given time.

  • Scan and Fax like a Paperless Pro: Going paperless is serious business and you need to do your bit to reduce your carbon and environmentally degrading footprint as and when you can. So why scan and fax when you can capture and send?

  • Paperless Bills: Next time you want a statement for your phone, electricity or other utilities, go online instead of asking for a hard copy. Pay bills and view the itemised versions to reduce the paperwork – literally! Email yourself a copy of the bill and receipt of payment and store in a designated folder in your virtual documentation and storage space.

  • Digital Signature: Also, invest in a digital signature that will allow you to sign documents online and send them on their way, instead of printing, signing, scanning and then sending. Virtual storage systems also come with a fool proof security feature to support such options. You can digitize and secure each page of your important documents with methods like encryption that are embedded into virtual storage options, for better virtual security.

Going paperless is a powerful way of saying you want to be more productive. It also helps you get more done even as you are on the go and involved in other activities. So why keep success waiting? Go paperless and increase your entrepreneurial output today!


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