The Interns – The not so old who add the youth quotient at EisenVault

The Intern, a Hollywood release of 2015 starring, Robert De Niro, playing Ben and Anne Hathaway, playing Jules is quite an interesting watch. In the movie, Ben, a retired 70-year-old is bored with retired life and would like to keep busy. He joins an online fashion retailer a senior intern. The founder of the company is Jules, a budding entrepreneur. She is tireless, driven, demanding, dynamic and a workaholic. Ben is made her intern, but this is a nominal role as she doesn't intend to give him work. However, Ben with his extensive experience and patience proves to be quite useful and, more than that, a source of support and wisdom. He makes some very importance contribution to the organisation at critical junctures.

We at EisenVault since its inception have always been welcoming of interns. We have had, interns who spent a couple of weeks to some who have spent few months to a year. We have had, students for join us after their high school exams, students who join us after their senior secondary school exams, students who are pursuing their engineering course and also mid-career professional who are trying to make a career switch and would like to get exposed to a new functional area or industry. We believe this is a good way to build a future talent pipeline, a way for the organisation to bring in fresh blood, millennial thinking, helping the intern learning about the industry and how organisations work. This is also an opportunity for the mentor and the team to learn and giving back to our alma matter, industry and society.

For the internship to be useful for the intern and the organisation, we feel that a few critical actions are required. The organisation should be clear on what its goals are and why they are getting an intern into the organisation. A proper understanding of this is most crucial in making the internship successful for both the organisation and intern. A prior call and understanding of the expectation, motivation, skill and knowledge of the intern would be useful. The information gathered should be used to outline the short-term project for the intern and choosing the appropriate mentor within the organisation. Sending some preparatory material to read prior to joining would help the intern hit the road running when he or she joins. The expectation from the intern is that, they have researched about EisenVault, the industry they are in and what are the dynamics of the industry.

In the past five since we started EisenVault, we had the privilege of 3-4 interns joining and working with us every year. We had some very motivated interns, who have delivered some very exceptional results that we have been able to use in the organisation from product features, industry analysis, competitive analysis and suggestions to improve internal processes. A few of our interns have joined us as full-time employees, some have gone on to study with global ivy league institutions. Many have out grown our organisation and gone on to work with large organisation. Wherever they are or whatever they are doing most of them continue to be in touch and remain ambassadors for EisenVault.

Apart from the project that they work on and the output they deliver the interns add a zing and youthful energy to the organisation. It’s always a rewarding experience to be guiding and mentoring an intern in the organisation. It fun to see, observe and learn how the next generation of possible employees think and what they value. We would continue to keep the process of involving interns in the organisation year on year. Keep the organisation learning and hopefully in the near future get someone like Ben into the organisation and benefit from his or her wisdom and experience.

"Starting my career at EisenVault turned out very fruitful. I was very lucky to start with a scratch from day one. I still remember the 200$ Linux academy course you bought for all of us to first learn Linux and then learn anything else. I still recommend everyone to learn Linux first. EisenVault has been so progressive with Eisen talks and the coolest ever stand-up that I have never seen anywhere so far. Being a scrum master on a particular day is really very promoting and enabling. There was a fairly huge knowledge gap between the industry and the educational system. You might know java, but when there is a problem statement to solve, only then you get the real value of your knowledge. And EisenVault did give me the chance to not only apply my knowledge but to learn more."

Tushar Khanka

Currently a Lead Engineer at HCL Technologies.

"I interned at EisenVault in the Summer of 2018. To be honest, I had no idea about the technology the company used at the time of joining, and my only aim was to gain some experience before I apply to colleges. However, the team at EisenVault really made me feel comfortable. In just a short period of time, I learnt the rudiments of Linux and leveraged its basic applications. Also, I did market research for a new product line being launched by the company which gave me some idea about what differentiates paid cloud-based DMS software providers from free cloud services like Google Drive. Overall, it was a very enriching experience, and I am grateful to the founders for investing in me and being so accessible to me over the course of my stint at the company."

Amritansh Saraf

Currently studying towards a Bachelors in Computer Science at University of California, Berkeley.

"I was working with EisenVault as a sales and marketing intern where I was engaged in pitching our document management product to other companies. This helped me to develop my negotiation and presentation skills, and provided me with the tools to get my first job after college with Deloitte."

Mohit Raizada

Currently studying towards an MSc in Finance, at NUS Business School, Singapore.

"I was working at EisenVault as a marketing intern where I was involved in conducting market research. The internship played a huge role in developing my market research and sales skills, which in turn helped me with my college internships and placements."

Reva Singh

Studying towards a B.Tech at Delhi Technology University

"It was a great experience working at EisenVault. I joined as an intern in 2016 and let me tell you they are among one of those companies that have the best work environment in the industry. The team, especially Vinay and Vipul are amazing. The best part they would throw challenges at you without judging you, and with a belief that you can do it. Though I was a little slow at the beginning, but due to the working environment, within 2-3 weeks I was able to know my capabilities and was able to pick up the pace. I worked on Alfresco, LDAP, Various APIs and many more. During the short internship I was able to learn a ton, thanks to the whole EisenVault team for their support and belief in me."

Ankur Kapoor

Entrepreneur, running a Textiles Business.

"I am currently doing my internship at EisenVault with the engineering team which has taught me a couple of skills. It diversified my skillset in a short amount of time which I wouldn’t have done without the internship along with that It taught me the concepts of Time management and discipline."

Rishit Singh

Class XI Student