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Self Serve Model of EisenVault DMS

EisenVault DMS

We at EisenVault are in the process of launching a fully “self-serve” model of our leading Document Management Software product. This will be a generational leap and will offer a more flexible solution with which you can really hit the ground running.

Currently a user can sign-up for a free trial online and after 30 days, the user can purchase a license via our Sales Team. This process involves one or more discussions over the phone and then payment of an invoice via cheque or online-transfer. The purchase process can take some time this way.

In the new “self-serve” model the user will have the option to pay instantly via credit card, debit card or internet banking.

The account will be activated within minutes and the user will be good to go. This will come with all the advantages of EisenVault’s stellar service, including hands-on training, highly responsive support, secure storage on cloud and user-friendly.

All this can be bought with easy monthly payments, rather than an annual commitments.


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