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Kickoff 2016 – Going offsite to Set Goals and Know Each Other Better

Kickoff 2016

“The Statement Group”, comprising EisenVault, RitiVise and Integral Media teams, started the financial year 2016-17 with a blast. The team went out for a fun filled offsite to Baghaan Orchard Retreat, nestled in a mango orchard, close to the river Ganga. The team had a busy and entertaining couple of days that included group discussions, break–out sessions to generate ideas and loads of out-door activities to help understand the importance of trust, communication, team work and alignment to respective goals.

The facilitation team lead by Aparna Mathur and two outdoor instructors, who were trained mountaineers, got the Statement Group out of their comfort zone and engaged them in activities that challenged assumptions, were physically demanding, brought out the natural self and tested endurance. It was a great way to help individuals understand the importance of team, leverage each other’s strength, communicate and trust each other to an extent where they could do a free fall from a height trusting their team mates to break the fall.

The team discussions and break–outs brought out great perspectives, views, approaches and new ideas to support business growth.

We are back in office high on energy and excitement, feeling of camaraderie, looking forward to cracking the code, pounding the pavement and delighting the customer. The additional incentive for the team now is a larger sales kick off next year.


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