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5 Simple Tips to Organise Your Office & Increase Efficiency

5 Simple Tips to Organise

The journey from starting your business to taking it to the next level is a matter of practicing patience, perseverance and precision. These three Ps can help you achieve the impossible. But there is one function of managing a business, or entrepreneurship, that calls for these three Ps to come into play – organisation. The business that you decide to set up will come with a lot of resources, and most of these will combine in one way or another to contribute towards the achievement of goals and the procurement of still more resources.

So how do you organise your enterprise for maximum and best utilisation of these resources, and ultimate goal achievement and profitability? Well, read on to know more!

  1. The Desk: To begin with, take a look at your desk. Take stock of what is really working for you, what might and what is not. Divide the loot and do away with the last category of things that are of absolutely no use. Take what you might need someday, and add these items to a designated shelf or drawer. Now look at what you really need. These items need to be placed neatly in accessible areas so that you do not need to sift through things or hunt for them at the last minute!

  2. Go Paperless: Tired of seeing stacks of paper and even more tired of saving receipts and bills in a shoebox that you almost never open? Well, time to do away with all the heartache. Invest in cloud storage or encryption to easily filter, file and find documents. This document management system will not only make your office a paperless one – but will also make running a business, a headache-less one. To begin with, finding a document at the required time becomes possible and easier. Ease of work flow management is encouraged as you do not have to send the document physically for approval – a simple virtual collaboration will help ideas move faster. Security of important documents and threat of loosing valuable papers is also an aspect that is automatically taken care of as far as access and even destruction by fire or pets is concerned.

  3. Get Appy: Use apps to schedule meetings, make notes, look for resources, schedule disk clean ups on your devices and even keep your inbox in check. There are a variety of apps that can help you organise and increase your productivity by taking care of the smaller tasks so that you can focus on your core business activities. Invest and download to get moving.

  4. Outsource: Outsourcing can bring your capital costs by 40% because it turns these into variable costs. So if there are tasks like filing taxes or even social media optimisation that you cannot handle, then you would do well to outsource them and invest instead in increasing profitability.

  5. Time is Everything: Remember to use a calendar and to do list to keep yourself and your day organised. Schedule your plans, make goals and take action. But remember to make entries in your to do list and calendar so that you do not miss out on anything that’s important. Writing down your goals and plans is also a way of affirming and reminding you to take action.

Use these tips to create a work lifestyle that will resonate with success and give you much needed peace of mind while you go about achieving your goals as an entrepreneur. Because, as the experts say: the organised mind is a peaceful one. Organisation is a part of entrepreneurship and it reflects directly on the success of your efforts.


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