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The Doon School chooses EisenVault Document Management Software System to manage its archives.

The Doon School chooses EisenVault Document Management Software System to retain the School’s legacy in the form of Digital Archives.

The Doon School with a history of over eighty years has a very large collection of student and alumni documents. The school needed these to be stored securely and also made available to the school staff and alumni as and when required. This prompted the school and its alumni to create a digital archive of all historic and ongoing documents.

The school chose EisenVault and our digitisation services for managing their archives. The process and reasons for choosing EisenVault has been outlined in the below interviews with the staff and management of The Doon School.

Mr. Matthew Raggett, Head Master of The Doon School, who has extensive experience in working with prestigious schools across the world, speaks about the criteria they use while deciding to work with a technology partner for the school.

Wg. Cdr. (Retd.) Anupama Joshi, Director of Personnel, shares her thoughts on the archives at The Doon School. She also shares why they chose EisenVault and her views of the EisenVault team.

The archives are housed within the library in The Doon School. The Librarian Mr. P K Das discusses the importance of the archives for the school and how technology has helped in managing the archives and library efficiently.

The archives are managed and supervised by Ms. Abia Qezilbash, Supervisor, The Doon School Archives. She discussed how technology plays a role in easing the challenges associated with managing archives.

The day to day operations of the library are managed by Mr. Amit Kumar Shaw, Assistant Librarian. He, in his interview, talks about the functionalities of EisenVault including OCR, access control & audit trails that he likes the most and what, in his opinion, are differentiating features.

A lot of credit to accomplish this goes to Microsoft and the Azure Team. EisenVault’s Vipul Swarup, talks about how EisenVault leveraged Microsoft Azure to provide a robust technology and feature rich platform to The Doon School.

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