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How to run Alfresco, Share, and Solr on separate tomcats


Often it may be required to split out the 3 main webapps of Alfresco (alfresco, share and tomcat) onto separate instances of Tomcat on the same VM. This is for improving performance and improving fault tolerance.


  1. Make a copy of tomcat folder for share and solr.

cp -r tomcat tomcat-share
cp -r tomcat tomcat-solr

  1. Give new port numbers to tomcat start, stop, ajp and redirect port for new tomcats in tomcat-share/conf/server.xml AND tomcat-solr/conf/server.xml

  2. Remove unnecessary deployment config xml file(alfresco.xml OR share.xml OR solr.xml) from <tomcatDir>/conf/Catalina/localhost. Only those xml file should be here which application are running on particular tomcat. alfresco.xml for tomcat, share.xml for share and solr4.xml for solr running tomcat.

  3. Update tomcat path in <tomcatDir>/scripts/ file

  4. Remove unneccessary war file from tomcat webapps. If 3 tomcats to be run separately for all 3 apps, then please have alfresco.war under tomcat/webapps, share.war under tomcat-share/webapps and solr4.war under tomcat-solr/webapps.

  5. Start tomcats using <tomcatDir>/scripts/ start and stop using <tomcatDir>/scripts/ start commands


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