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Advantages Of Cloud Computing Document Storage For Businesses

Cloud Computing Document Storage For Businesses

Cloud computing document storage makes use of cloud computing software and cloud storage software to help organizations to run applications/programs on the Internet along with storage systems for storing and retrieving data.

What makes it different from a cloud storage solution is that it is wider in scope than just data storage. It can be defined as a single umbrella under which lies numerous virtual solutions and services for the customers.

Categories of cloud computing

Cloud computing document storage can be divided into the following three categories:

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Under this service model, your service provider will provide you with computing infrastructures in return for a payment of charges. You can store your data as well as store and run your applications on the drive. E.g. Google Drive

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

With this service model, you get a platform designed as per your requirements without having to invest in software and hardware. E.g. Amazon web services, Google App Engine.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Under this service model, you can directly use applications, software, and databases of the service provider on payment of certain charges. Some e.g. of SaaS include Dropbox, Twitter, Outlook Web Access, etc.

Let us understand what benefits it offers to business organizations

Cost reduction

Investing on cloud computing document storage, you are saved from spending on huge amounts to purchase and maintain equipment at your office for data storage and performing computer operations. Maintaining the required hardware, software, tools, facilities, utilities, and space is no cakewalk. Besides, you will need a dedicated IT team to handle your cloud operations as and when required. Cloud computing document storage will also save your time spent in fixing downtime issues as their downtime percentage is very low.

Data security

Data is the most valued asset of an organization and is also a major cause of concern because it is highly prone to cybersecurity threats. A small data breach incident in your organization can prove catastrophic to your business’ revenue, reputation, brand image and many more. With Cloud computing document storage systems, your data is protected with advanced security features. With their strong encryptions, strict authentication protocols and tightened access to data, your data stays safe.


If you have your own infrastructure and IT team, you need to keep scaling your IT department up and down according to business tasks. Besides additional investment cost of scaling up, it requires additional time as well. Why take the burden of these things on your shoulder? With cloud computing document storage systems for your business, you pay for what you need. When your business grows, you pay additional charges and get your system scaled up in no time.


With the option to access your company data and run important business applications through any smart device, you no longer have to keep important business operations, meetings, and decisions on hold just because one of the persons concerned or employees is not present in the office. Everything is available on the cloud with the help of credentials. Moreover, it also helps you in providing your employees with an opportunity to work from remote areas or home, whenever the need for the same arises.

Customized control and authority over data

It is important to have control over sensitive data of your company and keep them safe from getting in the wrong hands. Cloud computing document storage systems come with features to set access controls over sensitive information. You can also keep a track of all operations being carried on with your files and folders at all times.


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